Sunday, February 20, 2022

Quick Fix for font size problems

I have noticed recently that my vision is not what it used to be and even with powerful reading glasses I was having problems reading many of the warnings the computer was attempting to tell me. In my struggle to correct this (old age) problem I discover Cortana the Windows equivalent of “Hey Google.” When I asked how to increase the font size on my computer she provided this quick solution and I thought some of you might like to know what I discovered. If you also are having the same problem, you don’t have to throw out the computer or give up computing all together although I did consider both. The fix is simple and I am in awe if you knew this already. First, right click on the screen and you should see this dialog box.
Click on the next to last option “Display Settings.” Another tip accessed from this box is the “View.” If you select this option you can change the size of your desktop icons. After selecting Display Settings a new dialog box will open.
Click on the “Scale and layout” option which will open four options. I changed my scale from 100% to 125% and voila all the text popped up in size.

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