Thursday, July 26, 2012

Father of the bride speach

My name is Don and I am Michelle’s dad. As the father of the bride, I have the privilege and honor of making the first speech and toast to… Jason… and… Michelle.

First I’d like to acknowledge and thank all of you who have traveled a distance to celebrate this occasion. It’s wonderful to meet so many new friends and share with all the old ones.
Michelle is probably worried that I will say something inappropriate or somehow embarrass her in some other way.  You know - I haven’t planned to - but it won’t be out of character if I do.

Growing up and competing with two older brothers honed Michelle’s analytical eye and smooth smile that can charm you out of whatever it is she wants. As she matured, she developed the princess role in the family. 

We probably should have known early on, that Michelle would end up in nursing. I remember her not wanting the shot she was going to get to help her get over pneumonia; or when she fell from the top bunk and cut her eyelid open on the base of a metal chair; or when they stitched it up; or when they took out the stitches, she was a champ. She returned to the emergency room for an encore visit in the first grade after she broke her ankle on the new playground equipment; and again a couple of years ago when she twisted her ankle at the Junior College parking garage.

Michelle, you look beautiful today. You should know that your mother and I are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep up the good work sweetie, we love you.

Jason we are happy to welcome you and your family into our family. We are very grateful for your mom Lisa, and your dad Steve, brother Ryan, son Noah and all your relatives who have joined us in this celebration today. We are glad to know you and your kind spirit. May each of you always love and cherish each other as much as you do today.

For a long, loving and happy life together. - To Jason and Michelle.