Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Don Been Up To?

I'll bet you thought I was taking a break from blogging and I have sort of. I Haven't written anything for the blog this year but I have been busy writing two articles on Flight Simulator. One is on Multiplayer Carrier Operations flying FA/18s off the coast of San Francisco and the other is a review of PMDG/Aerosoft's BAe Jetstream 4100.

Talking Heads

I'm a big fan of television news but one of the things that mystifies me is when the announcers disappear, where do the anchors or announcers go? Here in the San Francisco bay area KTVU channel 2 has a tried and true news team that for decades has received awards for their news broadcasts. Dennis Richmond retired, as did Ross McGowan but did you notice when Elaine Corral left a few year ago? Do you ever wonder why she did and where did she go? Dennis was replaced by Frank Summerville who worked his way up to the evening news from the morning and midday newscasts.

Just last week CNN's Anderson Cooper announced his sidekick Ericka Hill left for another position at another network. And while we're on the subject of CNN don't you think AC and Sanjay Gupta deserve an award for the compelling coverage they did on the earthquake in Haiti?

Where did John King go? They keep rotating the anchor on the Sunday morning news show. I do wonder about weird stuff, I know but I was thinking there might be a market for this sort of information. There are scorekeepers no doubt in the journalism world. There are a few who have left and I wonder where they go.