Friday, September 5, 2008

On the Blog Again

Well, now I'm a blogger. I never thought that would happen. What's the harm right? This should give me an excuse to get my writing chops back. I'll start by providing a rundown on what the kids are up to.

Brian is looking for work and now realizes he shouldn't be so cavalier about quitting a job he isn't madly in love with.

Kevin is engaged to Natalie Messina an old high school friend. Here's a photo of them. Kevin is stationed at Ft. Lewis and the wedding is planned for April 4th here in Santa Rosa at St. Rose church.

More on this as the event nears.

Michelle graduated from SRJC with honors and is now applying to Nursing schools throughout California.


Robin said...

It's so fun to hear about your growing up life. Tiems were simpler then ...
Looking forward to your impressions of your first child to marry.

Robin said...

oops the word is times not tiems, must be dyslexia...oh well keeps things interesting.

Robin said...

Hopefuly soon I will have a web site. Thanks for mentioning me. I am always available to get together and paint. This wedding stuff is time consuming...I need a paint break.